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Well I have had the Trinfinity8 for two months now.  The results so far are very good.  Very obvious benefits have been received by those with emotional issues. Personally my skin is better and my energy levels are very good.  Hopefully more and more will get the opportunity to receive healing with this amazing programme.



October 28, 2013

So now a couple of years later....I have now decided to give blogging a go...lets see now what is there to say.  It is a very interesting world we live in now in 2013. The earth is still here despite human kinds best efforts at destroying the forests and jungles where mother earth provides so much of our best medicines and nourishment in its purist form. Anyways, I have now moved to lovely Hawthorndene in the Adelaide Hills near the Belair National Park.  This park is home to a very lovely plant nursery where your native plants can be purchased or go for a very nice nature walk.  If of course your in the market for a massage, give me a call to book in for a 1 1/2 hour Traditional Old Style Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage for a exchange. Well, that is a start...bye for now xo

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