Heartworks Hawaiin Lomi Lomi Massage
Traditional Old Style Hawaiin Lomi Lomi Massage


“Lomi Lomi massage is a respite from the outside world; a sacred experience where the massage table becomes an altar and divinity touches humanity.”

Lomi Lomi is a restorative Hawaiian massage that works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous strokes. This allows the recipient to relax due to the hypnotic effect, bringing your mind to a place of absolute stillness. Touch, rhythm and ancient wisdom come together, allowing healing to occur.  Lomi Lomi aids in relieving physical pain and emotional distress.Through its rhythm and patterns it activates meridians and energy points, releases energetic blocks and allows the bodies own healing process to take over. The true purpose of Lomi Lomi is to bring balance and a sense of well being of body, mind and spirit.

Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi is a style of massage that has been practiced in Hawaii for hundreds of years. It has been carefully and respectfully passed down through a lineage to ensure that it remains unchanged from the original form. Kahu Sherman Deboit spent 10 years searching for the right person to carry on this lineage. Vasundhara's teacher Dawn Charlton was chosen to continue to teach this ancient, traditional form of massage and healing in the original form.

What is Lomi Lomi?

Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian tradition used to treat the body, mind and soul. Lomi Lomi releases muscle tension, detoxes and cleanses on a physical and a holistic level. The Hawaiians believe muscle tension and negative thinking can block the energy flow. Lomi Lomi massage restores circulation through your body, relieves stress and fatigue and reconnects you to your physical self.

The continuous, long flowing and deep pressure stroke movements are used to release muscle tension creating a blissful state of relaxation for the recipient. This unique form of sacred and holistic healing, can evoke a meditative state of mind as the lomi lomi strokes dance across the muscles representing the rhythm and motion of the ocean waves. You will feel a deeper connection with your body and feel uplifted and refreshed. The detox process will continue moving through your body for days after your massage restoring harmony and balance on all levels.

How is Lomi Lomi different to a regular massage?

The ‘intent’ of a lomi lomi therapist must be aligned to the true essence of this sacred technique - that is with a full and open heart. The body is treated like a temple – sacred and honoured, the technique is applied in a ritualistic and nurturing manner with the laying of the hands over the chakra points of the body in combination with the lomi lomi strokes. Refreshing and uplifting, lomi lomi strokes replicate the cleansing and healing effects of the powerful ocean waves washing over the body. The universal energy flows through the therapist’s hands and to the body and goes beyond the physical level by sending healing to touch and heal the soul. Each healing session is unique and is never identical to the one received previously.

Many people comment and experience increased energy levels after receiving a lomi lomi treatment. For further information, history and understanding about the beautiful lineage of this ancient style of massage please visit www.learnlomilomi.com.au.

Some benefits of Lomi Lomi may include:

Improves circulation

Lymphatic drainage and cleansing

Releases soft and deep tissue

Rejuvenates vital organs

Detoxifies the body

Pain Relief

Stress and tension relief

Emotional healing

Instils a sense of peace, harmony and well being

Deep Relaxation





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Aldinga Eco Villagers $80/90min

General public $100/90mins 

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